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1 Amsterdan cycling

Amsterdam city map with OpenStreetMap Cycle Map and Yahoo Satellite layers

2 Bing Map Bing Maps Platform (previously Microsoft Virtual Earth)
3 Combined Google/Yahoo,Bing,OSM map Paris city map with multiple source base layers: Google hybrid, Yahoo satellite, OpenStreetMap Mapnik, Bing roads
4 Google Maps

This map lists all base layers available from Google Maps: Streets, Hybrid, Satellite and Terrain. The map is set to use EPGS: 900913 projection; all Google layers use spherical Mercator projection. Mouse Wheel Zoom Control is Disabled from map's configuration

5 Historical Map

Historical Image Map of Moravia with cCustom placemark (click on flag for details) added on Austerlitz location.

Mapov? sb?rka B. P. Molla. Morava. Atlas Austriacus, tomus XXII. Moravia., 17.-19. stolet?

Commenius, J. A.: Moravia Nova et post omnes priores accuratissima delineatio auctore I. A .Comenio. - per Nicolaum Visscher edita cum Privil.Ordin. general. Belgii Foederati (Amsterodam, s.a.) ... Do. Lad. Wellenio de ?erotin ... J. A. Comenius.

Map courtesy of

6 London Map and routing London Map with routing extension enabled - Google Streets, Bing Aerial base layers; the route result may be saved and used on maps as GPX overlay.
7 Meldingen
8 My First Map Simple Google Streets Map
9 Openstaande meldingen
10 OpenStreetMaps OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them
11 WMS maps Sample combined WMS layers: OpenLayers basic WLS layer, world map from and digital emevation model from ICEDS. On top of these base layers the 4th WMS layer is overlayed (borders and cities from ICEDS)
12 Yahoo Maps This map lists all base layers available from Yahoo Maps: Normal, Satellite, and Hybrid.
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